Black TUSQ XL Microbalance 12 radius


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Black TUSQ XL Microbalance 12 radius


Black TUSQ XL Microbalance 12″ radius ALT EŞİK


The PT-9600-C0 is a great option to replace or upgrade the saddle on your acoustic guitar that has an under saddle pickup.  It uses Graph Tech patented Microbalance™ technology which allows you to fine tune he output for each string.  It is compensated to help improve the playability of your guitar and has a 12″ radius.


Black TUSQ XL is engineered from the same material as TUSQ and is impregnated with PTFE which is five times more slippery than graphite.  It has all the tonal benefits of TUSQ, bringing out the hidden harmonics of your guitar all while drastically improving tuning performance.  

Black TUSQ XL is consistent from piece to piece, and within each piece, to offer you harmonically rich tones without the problems associated with natural materials.


  Consistent quality  Impregnated with PTFE
  Black in color  Increased harmonic content
  Improved tuning  Compensated saddle








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