Greaten P-9 Piano

Ürün Kodu : 48632
2.250,00 TL
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    • Brand Name: GREATEN
    • Model Number: P-9
    • Number of Keys: 88
    • Number of Rhythm: 0
    • Number of Tone: 138
    • Number of Percussion: 0
    • Number of Demo Song: 34
    • Weight (kg): 22KGS
    • Size: 1405*430*205mm
    • Color: Black
    • Certificate: CE FCC CCC
    • Keyboard: Hammer action keyboard


    The P-9 Digital Piano features a new and improved 88 note hammer action keyboard with a touch that is more realistic than any previous models. This piano makes a perfect choice for any beginner or pro alike.

    The P-9 is by far the best model of digital piano available at this price, and comes with an impressive range of features and functions that won’t be found on any other digital piano in this price range. The facilities included in the piano comprise of a USB input whereby you can plug in a pen drive and record your playing! On top of there is also a USB midi input built into this piano; this feature is available without even having to install any drivers or software and is immediately compatible with any PC, Mac, or IOS device (such as your iPhone or iPad). -Also there are all of the standard features such as the built in metronome and many different voice types to choose from.

    The GREATEN P-9 digital piano boasts an impressive 64 note polyphony which of course, is more than what is needed to cope with even the most complex passages in any piece of music.

    The design of this piano is of the very highest quality. It comes as a beautiful, sleek instrument that is sure to embellish any home and add a touch of class. There are options to have your new piano with a foldable stand, or you could choose to have the wooden stand and pedal unit which would add even further to the wonderful aesthetic of this piano and transform it into a stunning piece of furniture.


    The GREATEN P-9 comes complete with 138 Different Voices built in, including a beautiful grand piano sound which has been recorded from a concert grand.
    The facilities included in the piano comprise of a USB input whereby you can plug in a pen drive and record your playing!
    USB MIDI INTERFACE - Connect Your Chase Digital Piano Directly To PC Or Mac And Use Advanced Midi Features With Your Favourite Recording Software Such As Cubase, ProTools, Logic or Many Others

    Sustain Pedal Input - Connect A Stand Sustain Pedal To Your Piano

    Pedal Unit Input - Attach the LP-65 Unit To Add Three Brass Pedals To The Piano
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