Ludwig Musser M55 Pro Vibe 3.5 Oktav Vibrafon


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Ludwig Musser M55 Pro Vibe 3.5 Oktav Vibrafon


Ludwig Musser M55 Pro Vibe 3.5 Oktav Vibrofon

Ludwig Musser Vibraphone M55 Pro vibe Vibraphone, the touring professionals choice of vibraphones, the 3- octave Pro-Vibe was designed for peak performance and easy portability. Hand tuned bars and seamless arched and mitered resonators produce a rich and resonant tone. Adjustable, swiveling sustain pedal offers precise feel, and the variable speed motor is insulated for quiet operation. An adjustable damper bar and Musser distortion- free bar suspension system assure exact control.

Available in durable silver powder coat finish or lustrous gold satin, the Pro-Vibe makes a stunning impression on the concert stage or playing field. Frames include a height adjustable wood concert style with folding aluminum legs, Moto Cart with two-inch black steel support, or the All-Terrain Cart featuring 10-inch pneumatic wheels for smooth transportability.

Specs : Version Concert Frame Name Pro-Vibe Multi-Speed Motor Yes Octave Range 3 Octaves Note Range F3-F6 Standard Tuning A=442 Option Available A=440 A=445 Bar Material Aluminum Bar Finish Silver Bar Graduation Wide Graduated Resonators Aluminum Resonator Shape Arched & Mitered Frame Style Wood Frame Folding Aluminum Legs Frame Finish Black Plextone Height Adjustable Frame 5 Position Shallow Drop Covers Standard OEM Mallets M235 Pro Padded Cover Add-On Option N/A Lined Dust Cover Add-On Option M255VB Add-On Cases M149 Set of 3 Low End Width 30



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