Ritter RGP8-L-NRB Les Paul Gitar Kılıfı (Navy-Royal Blue)


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Ritter RGP8-L-NRB Les Paul Gitar Kılıfı (Navy-Royal Blue)




• Material: Jacquard Cross 
• 33mm padding protec8on (20mm high density, 10mm so@ foam & 3mm so@ plush) • made from quality water repellent polyester 
• stunning designer looks 
• available in 3 fashionable colours with colour coded applicasons 
• answear base panel 
• subtle, fully integrated reflec8ve appliqué 
• RITTER™ style colour coded thick padded carrying handle 
• fashionable band applica8ons • heavy duty swtching throughout • individual identification tag 
• all round webbed piping giving maximum shock absorbing protec8on 
• reflec8ve silk print RITTER™ logo on front of bag for added night 8me road safety 
• dot-s8tched embroidered RITTER™ logo on back of bag 
• RITTER™ branded 3D badge 
• addi8onal rear grab handle 
• aircra@ hanger 
• quality no. 10 two-way zipper with RITTER™ branded zipper pullers 
• adjustable, heavy-duty fold-away backpack so@ touch wrapped seat belt straps 
• ergonomically designed lumbar support 
• large A4 music and addi8onal accessory pouches 
• neck posi8on integrated pedal pouch 
• quality no. 5 zipper with RITTER™ branded retractable zipper pullers 
• all pouches and pockets lined with RITTER™ styled interior nylon lining 
• plush interior lining 
 • built-in polyester bridge & double headstock protectors 
• addi8onal integrated plectrum pocket at headstock protec8on  
• available in black/red, navy/light grey/white, silver grey/red/white



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